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Cheer Together with Giant Sharing Cocktails at Cibo Trattoria

Looking for a fun way to enjoy your drinks with friends? Our Giant Sharing Cocktails at Cibo Trattoria are here to turn your gatherings into memorable moments of shared joy. Here's the scoop on what makes these cocktails the life of the party:


Sharing is Caring

What's better than sipping on a tasty concoction? Sipping together with friends! Our Giant Sharing Cocktails are designed for those moments when you want to enjoy the company of your pals while savoring some delicious drinks.

Choose Your Squad Size

No matter how big your crew is, we've got the perfect size for you. Whether it's four, six, or eight friends, our Giant Sharing Cocktails are crafted to cater to your group, ensuring everyone gets a sip of the fun.


Ladle it Up

Not a fan of sipping directly from the same glass? No problem! We provide ladles, so you can share the drink without the need for everyone to use straws from the same giant vessel. It's all about enjoying your drinks your way.


Sip into the Selection

While all our Giant Sharing Cocktails are a hit, a few stand out from the crowd. Take a look at these tempting options that might tickle your taste buds:


  • Mai Tai in the Colosseum. A blend of Gold Rum, Dark Rum, Amaretto di Saronno, Cointreau, Orgeat Syrup, Coconut Pulp, Pineapple and Orange Juice, Citrus, and Grenadine.

  • Maximus Decimus. Featuring Mezcal, Pisco, Aperol, Melon Liqueur, Watermelon Pulp, Cranberry Juice, and Citrus.

  • The Fiat 500. A mix of Bourbon Whisky, Dewar's Whisky Japan Smooth, Sake, Campari, Mango Pulp, Grapefruit Juice, Falernum Syrup, and Citrus.

  • Mega Porn Star. Crafted with Vodka, Pink Vodka, Passoa, Passion Fruit Pulp, Vanilla Syrup, Pineapple Juice, Citrus, and a Cava top-up.


Raise Your Glasses

Ready to add a twist to your hangouts? Gather your crew and head to Cibo Trattoria to experience the joy of sharing a Giant Cocktail. With a variety of flavors and sizes, it's the ultimate way to enjoy good times together. And why not try some delicious Italian style tapas while you’re at it. 


Get ready to clink glasses, laugh, and enjoy every sip – the Cibo Trattoria way. So, why wait? Come on over and raise your glasses to friendship and fun with our Giant Sharing Cocktails. See you soon!

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