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The new menu incorporates authentic Italian products including Bufalo mozzarella and imported cheeses, speciality flours, and Italian beer yeast for unique stone-baked oval-shaped pizzas that make it crispy all the way through.   

The concept combines modern Italian cooking as well as Italian favorites and classics including traditional antipasti with freshly sliced meats.


Freshness is key.

If you would like to take away, please choose from this menu.

ENGLISH CIBO JUNE 2022-2_page-0001.jpg
ENGLISH CIBO JUNE 2022-5_page-0001.jpg
ENGLISH CIBO JUNE 2022-7_page-0001.jpg
ENGLISH CIBO JUNE 2022-6_page-0001.jpg
ENGLISH CIBO JUNE 2022-8_page-0001.jpg
ENGLISH CIBO JUNE 2022-9_page-0001.jpg
ENGLISH CIBO JUNE 2022-10_page-0001.jpg
SPANISH CIBO JUNE 2022-1_page-0001.jpg
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